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Ventura High Girls Volleyball Program 2024

All Athletes (Varsity, JV & Frosh/Soph Teams)
-Preseason report date is July 15th 

-Practices and Games continue from July 15th through mid-October (November for Varsity CIF)


DEAD PERIOD (NO VOLLEYBALL): June 16th - June 30th

Will be taking place for a total of 2 weeks from June 16th - June 30th. 

This is a great time and opportunity to schedule your vacations.


2024 Player Guidelines, Commitment & Expectation Form
Calendar 2024
June thru August
Game Schedule

Summer Beach Week Training 2024

Beach Week One – July 8th thru 12th 8am to 10am
Beach Week Two – July 29th thru Aug. 2 8am to 10am

Team Rosters Below 

Athletes interested in playing beach volleyball for the 24/25 season, please join us at Cougar Beach (above Larabee Stadium) for Beach VB Summer Training.

Gigi S.
Hazel R.
Bridget G.
Isabella B.
Anastasia D.
Mia H.
DePalma L.
Gianna N.
Emma G.
Isabela T.
Hoskins A.
Garo A.
Martinez A.


Junior Varsity
Marianna M.
Ashlyn S.
Fiona F.
Georgia B.
Gracie F.
Ireida R.
Amanda T.
Sophie S.
Hannah B.
Siena H.
Avery R. #16
Rossilyn B. #14
Charlis S. #30
Rylie M. #16

Injured Reserve
Dylan E.
Lucy H.


Frosh / Soph
Ainsley F. #20
Gabby F. #17
Mara F. #3
Kaeylynn G. #8
Marley G. #15
Annika G. #29
Shelby H. #23
Parker I. #4
Mikeala M. #21
Bowie S. #22
Luciana V. #5
Sienna W. #1
Jemma Y. #26


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