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We Need Your Support

Ventura Beach Volleyball does not happen without the support of our families, extended families, businesses, and the local beach volleyball community.  We are asking for your support for our 22/23 season.  Additionally, please consider supporting our Courts-on-Campus Campaign, a critical need for the future of VHS Beach Volleyball. 

Please review our fundraising efforts below.

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Ball Stop Banner Form Jpg.jpg

Ball Stop Banner Ads

We ask each athlete to sell a Ball Stop Banner ad to a local business.  Please see the PDF below for more information.  The banner cost is $400. However, if parents wish to support the program and forego having their athlete canvas local businesses, a single payment of $300 will be gladly accepted.

22/23 Ball Stop Ad Form
Snap Raise Online Campaign

Starting in January, we will kick-off our online fundraising campaign.  Each athlete is asked to supply 20 emails consisting of their extended family, friends and supporters.  Potential supporters are asked to make financial donations to support our athletes and program.

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Courts-on-Campus Campaign

Girls' Beach Volleyball became an official high school sport in spring 2022.  While our first season at Ventura High School was a success, our most significant need to keep our athletes safe and our program competetive is to build on-campus sand courts.  

Please click below to best understand the scope of the need and how you can donate to ensure the future of Ventura Beach Volleyball.   

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