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Courts-On-Campus Campaign

The Need!

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Developing on-campus courts at Ventura High School is a significant step toward growing the Beach Volleyball program at VHS.  The immediate need is driven by the safety of our athletes and providing a place to play that meets the requirements for competitive beach volleyball. 

Although Ventura is a beautiful beach town, the sand landscape provides limited use for competitive volleyball. Our local beach is state-run, and the coastal commission and state recognize the beach that lines the Ventura City coast as a "natural habitat".  This means the state will allow the beach landscape to take on natural contours and changes due to the tide, wind, and weather, resulting in rocks, drifts and uneven surfaces.  Safety is the main reason to move the program off the public beach and onto on-campus courts.

While patrons are welcome on the beach, the state does not provide grading, raking, or sand clearance for beachgoers or recreational use.  The natural disruption in the landscape has resulted in large rocks encroaching on the courts, creating a limited perimeter insufficient for sanctioned play.  Further, courts have developed "wind shelves", resulting in high and low spots that create an unfair advantage during play.  All of the effects listed above create safety issues for our athletes. 

You can download the full VHS Beach Court Need & Assessment white paper below.

VHS Beach Court Assessment/Need white paper 

Illustration of Sand Courts Placed in the Upper Parking Lot at Larabee Stadium. 

Pending Approval

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Let’s Build a Beach

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100 Impact Pledges Needed

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Go Beach Cougars!

The Pollard Family

Create a Group!
All support is needed! Family & friends are encouraged to combine to create a single pledge of $1000.  You can combine up to four families to complete a single pledge, and each can be named on the quarry tile.    

Quarry Tile Example

Beach volleyball has quickly become a popular enrichment program at VHS. Our most significant need to keep our athletes safe and our program competitive is to build on-campus sand courts.


We are looking for 100 Ventura Families, Businesses, or family/friend groups to pledge $1000 each to help build on-campus sand courts at Ventura High School.

Your personal or group donation is fully tax deductible and each donor (or donor group) will claim 3' feet of barrier wall around the courts with an etched quarry tile with your personal message.  

Let's Make a Difference...... 

I would Like to Make My Pledge

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